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     Microsoft SharePoint might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about document management. But it should be. SharePoint is your ideal foundation for a flexible, efficient and cost-effective enterprise wide Document Management/Workflow Optimization Information System.


Here’s why:


►It integrates with the tools you are already using

SharePoint integrates with tools you use every day, like MS Access, Oracle, SAP, ESRI Arc GIS, Microsoft Office and more.


►All the features you need are available

SharePoint has all the document management tools you need – no coding required.

·       Sites – Configurable Web sites to aggregate and share your data

·       Communities – Forums where office teams can collaborate and share documents and data

·       Content Management – A complete document management solution, including forms (both online and offline), and workflows.

·       Views – Every List and Library in SharePoint can be configured for multiple views, include public and personal, depending on the user.


►Built-in collaboration tools

SharePoint, unlike most other applications you may be using, is designed to share data by default.  The data can be created in SharePoint, SQL or integrated from other applications. You can use SharePoint to collaborate across teams, departments and even with external contractors.  You control who sees and does what.


►Security and reliability you can trust

Microsoft has built SharePoint from the ground up to be secure. You can set security policy at the site, content, folder and even field level.

SharePoint also has the advantage being a Microsoft product. Microsoft is the leader in the business software space. There is minimal risk that Microsoft will go bankrupt or be bought up and degraded by another vendor. The same cannot be said about many custom document management solutions out there.  Read more here.



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